Jang Wooyoung
"I want to be a man who knows how to enjoy life with a clear goal but it is difficult to put that into action because of all the people watching me"

WY thought Khun was gonna pick him but he picked Daxun instead. {bg music played You Are My Destiny}

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MC: why didn’t you choose Wooyoung as your partner in this game?

Khun: Cause it’s too dangerous

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khun: “he brushes teeth for 20 mins, walks around, lies on his bed, watch videos, talks to me while brushing, then goes back toilet to cont”

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Two Hands Intertwined
Jang Wooyoung & Park Seyoung - <We Got Married> 2Young Couple Song (3,327)

Two Hands Intertwined (깍지 낀 두손) - Jang Wooyoung & Park Seyoung (WGM Couple Song) | Recording Video

seyoung complaining to junho and chan about how wooyoung never answers her calls lol

 Happy Camp Next Week Preview

The dude that’s gonna give me wings!

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Hello hello~~
Everyone, how have you been doing??^^
I miss our fans so much I might go crazy~~ @.@
Since I thought that you might feel like just me
Lately I’ve tried to prepare a gift for you all^^
A song called “Two hands intertwined” (깍지 낀 두손) has been released just now ㅋㅋ
And it’s not something created with intention to stimulate your jealousy, really T_T
I just wanted to give you my song to listen to, that’s all!! ㅋㅋ
We made this song together with singer-songwriter lel (를) and Seyoung.
I wanted to write a song that fits WGM’s concept at least once.
And I also wanted to let you all hear my voice at least a little bit…♥
You know me, right?? ^^

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